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Alaska Adventures: Discover the 49th State

Alaska is a land full of superlatives, and no matter what you imagine of the state prepare to be amazed by its continual state of adventure. Alaska may be part of the United States, but it’s also like no other place on earth.

Within its 586,000 square miles of uninhibited wilderness Alaska boasts the nation’s tallest mountain, as well as its largest glaciers and National Parks. The state has more than 30,000 rivers, nine mountain ranges – some so vast the mountains remain unnamed – and thousands of miles of coastline with an abundance of marine mammals and some of the world’s best fishing.

Abundance of adventure

Alaska has always been a hive of natural activity. The journey of the first Alaskans from Siberia to the American continent 10,000 years ago was only made possible during the Ice Age, which forced a 1449 km land bridge to rise from the ocean and connect the two land masses. Alaska is never still: the 49th state is a volatile place where subterranean tectonic plates clash, resulting in North America’s most active geographical region. This means volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis, all of which the state has suffered over the years.

In this wild, volatile land of Alaska, adventure is at your fingertips almost everywhere you turn. Its possible to visit the state’s deeply forested areas and bare, desolate regions of tundra to view some of the world’s most amazing wildlife. Years ago the land and seas here roamed with mammoths, mastodons and flat faced bears, now it’s likely you’ll spot most of the nation’s bears, eagles and marine mammals.

There are fjords and bays to navigate, glaciers and mountains to climb, waters to paddle, and unbelievably colossal sized fish to catch, fillet, and courier home before you even return from your holiday.

You’ll find immaculate service and all conveniences within Alaska’s cities and larger towns, all of which will inevitably seem very far away as you farewell the bush plane that’s just deposited you in the middle of nowhere.

Welcome to Alaska. There’s a lot to explore.