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Alaska Airlines: Flight Information

You can’t get away from the fact Alaska is a big place to traverse. With this in mind it comes as no surprise that Alaska Airlines is one very busy company. Since founder Mac McGee started flying his three seater plane between Anchorage and Bristol Bay in 1932, Alaska Airlines has developed into an airline carrying more than 12 million customers a year.

Alaska Airlines’ travel routes now encompass more than 40 cities in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Anchorage is the main hub for domestic and international air traffic in Alaska. Its Ted Stevens International Airport (renamed in 2000 for Alaska’s Senator) welcomes more than 240 arrivals on a daily basis. Most passengers will fly to Anchorage via Seattle (a three hour journey), but it’s possible to fly directly in from several American cities – including Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Portland.

Airlines flying into Anchorage include:
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American Airlines (
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Alaska Airlines (
and Northwest Airlines (

International destinations

A handful of international airlines will fly directly to Anchorage from Frankfurt, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo – and of course Canada. It’s not difficult to arrange flights to Alaska from Europe but does involve a couple of transfers along the way.

Alaska Airlines is the sole trafficker out to smaller towns and cities in wider Alaska, several of which have no road access. Alaskans are a very mobile people. It’s estimated that Alaskans fly 17 times more than the national average, and the state has six times the national average of licensed civilian pilots.

Bush planes – the single engine planes on floats or skis – are extremely popular for Alaskans to own for personal use and business endeavours. They’re very big for getting tourists from one place to another when access can be tricky.

Alaska Airlines serves several prominent towns and cities throughout the state, but with no competition for flights prices it can get expensive. Fares vary wildly according to demand, time of year and other varying factors. Planning trips ahead of time and keeping an eye out for bargains is the easiest way to get a reduced price fare.