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If you ever felt like just getting away from it all consider an Alaska Alaska Adventure Vacations vacation. The state is the definitive great wide open, occupying one fifth the land mass of the United States. Alaska remains as impressive today as it was when Captain James Cook first spotted its shores in 1778, when he wrote in his Journal of the Third Voyage:

“…we clearly saw that what we had taken for islands were the summits that were everywhere connected by lower land…and had every appearance of being part of a great continent.”

The name Alaska originally derives from the native Aleut word meaning ‘the great land’, and its name speaks the truth. The largest of the 50 states, Alaska can lay claim to just over one citizen per square mile. If New York City had the same distribution of its population, there would be 17 people walking around Manhattan today. Official "State of Alaska" web site.

What Alaska has to offer

Within Alaska’s enormous land mass lie several distinct sub climates, each differentiated by its diverse flora, fauna, wildlife and weather patterns. All this variety means an Alaska vacation gives you chance to visit the state’s snowy inland, chilly coasts, mountains, rivers, forests and the harsh beauty of the Arctic Circle.

Arm yourself with a rod, skis, paddle, or snowboard to make the most of Alaska’s amazing mountains, rivers and lakes, this is a wonderland for a vacation outdoors. Take it easy on your Alaska vacation and watch the Aurora Borealis through a lodge’s skylight while you sit in front of the fire. Strap on your cleats and climb any one of the state’s mountains. Watch on as tons of ice break free of their parent glaciers, the size of small North American states, and thunder into the chilly northern waters.

Map of Alaska

Be a spectator at a midnight baseball game, come across a moose or grizzly bear on the outskirts of a state capital city, charter an air taxi with as much ease as you’d hail an urban yellow cab. Or pay a visit to Frederick Sound, where a humpback whale jumped right into a sightseeing boat in 1995.

Whether you’re keen to fly fish Alaska’s fertile waters (also good for Alaska Salmon Fishing and Halibut fishing) or simply look on as grizzly bears work for their salmon dinner, the unbridled beauty and unspoiled wilderness of Alaska promises something for everyone’s ideal vacation.