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Alaska Fishing: A Riverside Vacation

Do you dream of a land where lakes and rivers teem with fish waiting to be caught? Then Alaska fishing is the vacation for you. The waters of the 49th state are swarming with fish, and 21 species are recognized as swimming its lakes, rivers and ocean.

How you organize you vacation in Alaska fishing is up to you, and the choices are vast. Fishing in Alaska can be as simple as grabbing your rod and a licence and heading to the nearest stretch of water. Alternatively it’s possible to splurge on an all inclusive lodge, or get helicoptered in to some of the state’s most remote spots.

What to Expect on a Fishing Vacation

The vast quantity and abundance of fishing spots in Alaska are a dream come true for many fishermen. The most popular Alaskan fish – salmon, halibut, northern pike and rainbow trout – are found throughout the country.

Fortunately a lot of Alaska’s prime fishing spots are accessible by road, and thus easily reachable. A lot of fishing in south central Alaska, around the famous Kenai Peninsula, can be reached by car. Kenai and its surrounding bays and rivers are home to some of Alaska’s best king salmon, rainbow trout and halibut.

Wild western Alaska is legendary for the quantities of fish that roam its waters. Bristol Bay boasts the world’s richest salmon fishery, with 40 million red salmon passing through the bay every summer. Kodiak Island’s massive king salmon are the reason the area’s brown bears grow so big.

Float planes and air taxis may be required to navigate the bays and inlets of the Inside Passage and Northern Alaska, while charter boats in coastal towns help tourists chase the salmon and halibut.

Homer, four and half hours’ drive southwest of Anchorage is renowned as the home of halibut weighing into the hundreds of pounds, which are also found in the Cook Inlet.

Southeast Alaska is one of Alaska’s most picturesque places to fish. Gustavus in the Glacier Bay National Park boasts huge numbers of salmon and halibut, and Juneau has a steady stream of king, pink and red salmon over the summer months. The Alaska Outdoor Council Fish and game licenses.