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Alaska Tours: Welcome to a New World

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Alaska for their vacations every year. For many the hassle free way to arrange a holiday is to leave it in the hands of an operator of Alaska tours. You can trek, paddle, or scale Alaska’s wilderness, or traverse the highways and byways of the state by train, motor coach or boat.

A tour can make your vacation in Alaska very simple. The company you book a tour with is responsible for making reservations, transporting you wherever you need to go, your meals, activities, and scheduling. You won’t need to bother with organizing rental cars, booking hotel rooms in advance, or any unexpected problems that may arise along the way. If there are any unexpected delays or problems that arise, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Many Alaska tours run to schedules planned down to the last minute. While this can maximize the time you have available it does come with its downside – traveling at the exhausting pace which tours follow can mean little flexibility if you find a location you’d like to explore in more depth.

Packaged Tours Online

Organizing a packaged tour online makes booking your vacation extremely easy, and with a few phone calls or emails everything can be arranged. It’s easy to search online to view pictures, itineraries and pricing, but remember to do your research before booking. Rates generally do not include tax, gratuities, optional activities or making your way to where the tour commences. Many offer sizeable discounts for tours running in May and September.

The state is renowned as an untamed, wilderness style holiday destination, so not all Alaska tours involve a lot of sitting in buses. A large number of adventure tour companies exist, providing trips which include white water rafting, hiking, sea kayaking, glacier trekking and dog sledding. Some will tailor trips specifically for your group, and range from basic camping to upscale lodging.

Alaska’s appeal to tourists depends a lot on the state’s environment, and so eco tourism is an important factor to many visitors. While various tour operators boast that they follow eco tourism principles, some actively show what they do towards maintaining Alaska’s environment. Eco tourism is a commitment to protecting natural surroundings through beneficial economic and environmental tourism. Genuine eco tour operators try to minimize their impact on the land and its resources. If this is an important consideration for you when booking, ask your tour operator about their eco policy. Alaska's Official Travel Information Site.