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Alaska Travel: Exploring the State

The 49th state is a very big place, so luckily there’s quite a variety of ways to get there, away and around when you’re vacationing in Alaska. Travel the state’s highways, waterways and skies – getting out and seeing the real beauty of Alaska under your own steam has never been easier.

The most popular way to travel Alaska is by cruise ship, but the state’s ferry system is also an affordable and independent way of cruising its waterways. Travel at your own pace on the Alaska Marine Highway System ( which passes through the Inside Passage from Bellingham, Washington, and Prince Rupert, British Columbia, up to the towns in southeast Alaska. From here you can link with state highways and travel to the interior by road via Haines and Skagway.
Traveling options in Alaska.

Rail travel is an option to consider when traveling to Alaska, but it’s not possible to travel by train all the way from the continental U.S. From the West Coast travelers can catch the train to Bellingham where the ferry terminal is close to the train station. It’s easy to head towards Alaska by train through various points in Canada, and ferry the rest of the way.

Traveling by car is a cheap, flexible, and convenient way to get out of the major hubs and make the most of what Alaska has to offer. It’s definitely the easiest way to visit the interior and south eastern parts of the state. It is possible to ferry or drive your vehicle to Alaska, but putting it on a boat can be prohibitively expensive and there are huge distances involved in driving north. The distance between Anchorage and Seattle is 2,250 miles – and the cross country distance between New York and Los Angeles is 2,800 miles. Rental cars are reasonably priced and easy to book before commencing your trip.

Because of its size there are some vast distances and a dramatic range of climatic conditions to deal with when travelling around Alaska. Weather conditions can change unexpectedly and towns – and more importantly, gas stations – can be few and far between. It pays to be prepared.

Even some Alaskan highways aren’t designed for excessive speeds, and with an abundance of wildlife also comes the added vigilance needed to ensure you don’t hit any stray wildlife on the road. If you’re considering hiring an RV, take into consideration that you’ll be getting more convenience rather than saving money by hiring a home on wheels – rental RVs are notoriously expensive. Alaska's Official Travel Information Site.