Amsterdam Weekend City Breaks Suggested Itineraries

Ah, Amsterdam; a city revered and reviled around the world.

Some view its famous attitude of tolerance as progressive; others see it as pure poppycock. With tulips and windmills, canals and cycles, the capital of the Netherlands has everything to offer. and more.

Why not plan an Amsterdam weekend city break and experience the finest the Dutch city has to share?

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Clean, wealthy and efficient, this home of 730,000 people and 145nationalities is known for its laissez faire attitude towards illicit substances (among other issues), an attitude adopted during the turbulent years of the 1960s.
Today, the city of tolerance is quickly becoming the city of conundrum, as shops selling traditional pannekoeken (sweet, sugary Dutch pancakes) huddle next to Arabic shawarma restaurants, families stroll casually past red lit windows filled with females for a price and corporate millionaires cycle to work.
Amsterdam Cheap Break Guide A weekend break away can be filled viewing the priceless Vermeers and Rembrandts that are housed in the Rijksmuseum and the world's largest collection of paintings by Van Gogh is enshrined in the Van Gogh Museum ; meanwhile, the Stedelijk Museum offers up some of the most startling and famous works of modern art. With a royal family, over 14,000 annual theatre productions and 50 museums, any Amsterdam weekend break will satiate the most voracious of cultural appetites.
That doesn't mean Amsterdam is the slightest bit stuffy; with loads of bars, restaurants and clubs; even the most die hard socialites will find enough nightlife to occupy any evening. And that's not even mentioning the hundreds of little cafes and the famous coffee shops full of glassy eyed patrons.Over a quarter of the city's population is Moroccan, Turkish and Surinamese, lending the city a multicultural, multinational air. But a short day trip via train or cycle ride outside the city and you can view giant wooden windmills, visit an island town where the locals still wear traditional national costume.Small, compact and overly fluent in English, an Amsterdam weekend break is a wonderful way to experience the best of the Netherlands