Berlin Lodging Hotel Guides City Breaks

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Once dubbed 'the most hospitable city in Europe' Berlin's wide selection of accommodation means that there's something to suit every taste. But the best bit is that hotel rooms in Berlin are substantially cheaper than their counterparts in other European capitals.

Berlin knows a thing or two about luxury and the city's top end establishments include all the familiar 'big names' as well as a good helping of chic 'design' hotels and cosy 'boutique' hotels. It's worth noting that Berlin hasn't adopted the 'star rating' system to classify its accommodation; however, room price is usually fairly indicative of what you can expect.

When it comes to finding decent mid range hotels Berlin is still a divided city. Recent years have seen new hotels springing up all over eastern Berlin and today it's by far the best place to begin looking for reasonably priced, comfortable rooms. If you want to stay in the west you'll find the greatest concentration of hotels around Savignyplatz and Mitte.

Unfortunately Berlin's motley collection of budget establishments fails the capital's otherwise impeccable credentials. Shoestring travellers have a choice of Spartan hostels (which nevertheless get booked up far in advance), tatty BB's and a couple of campsites. If you're planning a short stay it is well worth saving up a few extra Euros.

Despite the fact that Berlin has more hotel rooms than New York, the capital's status as the nation's economic centrepiece means that rooms fill up quickly. During the week conference goers and diplomats pour into the city and you might have difficulty finding a bed. Conversely at weekends hotels empty, room rates drop and you can negotiate some great deals.

Berlin is a year round destination, which means that high and low season tariffs don't really apply. However during the bigger trade fairs you'll find that some hoteliers push prices up. Similarly you'll have to book early if you want to guarantee a room for the July Love Parade or the Berlin Marathon in September. If you arrive in Berlin without a room booked head for the Berlin Tourismus Marketing office in Charlottenburg (Tel: 250 025). The multilingual staff will be happy to make a reservation for you or supply you with a list of recommended hotels.