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Accommodation on Hawaii's Big Island

Hawaii accommodation comes in all shapes, sizes and prices so selecting the right place to stay when visiting the islands is often a challenge even for the most seasoned traveler.

What most people will immediately notice is that unlike a lot of holiday destinations that have three or four hotels at any one location – Hawaii has thousands! Radisson, Sheraton, Marriott, Outrigger, Hilton, Hyatt – a whole host of well known names can be found on this magnificent archipelago. If money is far from being a limiting factor; visitors can really live the high life amidst world class service.

Accommodation is not all about the “big names” with many holiday makers opting for the many quainter bed and breakfasts that are dotted from shore to shore. Offers more advice on where to stay. The official Big Island tourism site.

So what places to stay are on offer?

Hotel and resorts are usually top of the list when people are searching for a place to stay. This is particularly the case when it comes to resorts. Although more expensive than hotels (generally speaking) they offer the benefit of having everything under one roof, which is great for families! Children’s programs, private beach access, a host of sporting and social activities all the while having access to in house restaurants and more.

For families looking for a little more freedom, some resort complexes have kitchenettes as part of the room.

Large families who come to Hawaii on vacation might find the option of “home rentals” more practical for longer getaways (3 4weeks). Rental units give visitors complete freedom to do everything to their own schedule and above all they offer more privacy.

Condominiums are also an accommodation option that should be explored. You could kind of look at this as the middle ground between paying for a hotel room and renting out an entire holiday house. Ideally condos are perfect for any length of stay and are self contained with their own kitchen. Self catering is therefore a must!

For the more down to earth travelers who are undeniably looking for a more intimate accommodation experience look no further than the islands’ many bed and breakfasts. BBs are particularly “big” on the isles of Maui and Kauai.

Today, thanks to the miracle of the internet, all these forms of accommodation can be booked effortlessly and instantly with a click of a button. Not only is the internet convenient it also holds some of the lowest prices around, as well as a multitude of package deals. Booking your hotel or BB online could very well end up being cheaper than using a regular travel agent.

If you would like more specific information such as contact details of specific hotels and other forms of accommodation then please select from the left hand menu.

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