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Hawaii's Airports: Big Island

There are two airports on the Big Island of Hawaii; namely Hilo International Airport located on the east side of the Big Island and Kona International Airportt which can be found on the west side. Generally speaking both of these Hawaiian airports are serviced by a number of airlines that run direct flights to the island from the US. Some of these airlines include Hawaiian Airlines, Trans World Airlines and United Airlines.

Kona airport receives flights from as far away as Japan and Vancouver not to mention flights from the main gateway cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. You can contact either of these Hawaii Airports:

Hilo International on 808 934 5801
Kona International on 808 329 2484

A non stop route is not the only option open to holiday makers. Many travelers fly directly in to Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu and then catch second plane to the Big Island. At present Inter island flights are more regular and more frequent due to the airport’s size and ability to accommodate more airlines, such as Delta, Continental and Northwest.

http://www.hawaii.gov/dot/airports/hawaii/ito/index.htmhttp://www.hawaii.gov/dot/airports/hawaii/ito/index.htm official site for Hilo airport.

http://www.hawaii.gov/dot/airports/hawaii/koa/http://www.hawaii.gov/dot/airports/hawaii/koa/ official site for Kona airport.

http://www.hawaiitourismauthority.orghttp://www.hawaiitourismauthority.org Hawaii Tourism Authority

Big Island Terminal Tips

The Kona Airport is the only one of Hawaii’s airports that is serviced by public transport. This is in the form of a bus service that runs once daily – departing the airport grounds at 07:00 in the morning! Many passengers have found the SpeediShuttle SpeediShuttle more convenient as it runs more frequently and services the entire west coast. Call SpeediShuttle on 808 329 5433. Unfortunately Hilo Airport is not as well equipped.

Taxis are another option and are available outside both airports – you cannot miss them waiting beyond the baggage claim. In the event you find yourself stranded – although this is highly unlikely – you might find the following numbers useful.

Hawaii ’s Hilo Airport:
A1 Bob’s 808 959 4800
Percy’s Taxi 808 969 7060

Hawaii ’s Kona Airport:
Paradise Taxi 808 329 1234
DE Taxi 808 329 4279

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 NB. There is another airport on the island called Waimea Kohala Airport. This is however only used by small charter planes, helicopters and air tour companies.

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