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Hawaiian Islands Big Island Hawaii

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The Big Island and the five other major islands that make up Hawaii were formed from volcanic eruptions. Each island is home to at least one shield volcano – the Big Island has the largest collection with 5 (Hualalai, Kilauea, Kohala, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.)

Although the Islands have remained relatively stable for millions of years there is still some activity, such as the bubbling Kilauea which still spews lava into the Pacific every so often. Instead of being a deterrent, such spectacular natural sights seem to attract large crowds. Check out the islands Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where visitors can see a real life river of molten rock! – how’s that for a life experience!Turning to Tourism

What makes the Big island so popular is its unique climate zones – all 11 of them! Now that’s a “wow” if there ever was one! The islands unique position and its “active” make up means that you can start from sunny tropical beaches (cabañas and all) move through a rainforest, only to find yourself perched atop a snow capped mountains!

Couple these intrepid landscapes with the many island activities – parasailing, surfing, kayaking, kite boarding, hiking, and biking and the list goes on – and you have what can only be described as an adventure playground.

Hawaii’s Big Island is not all about extreme living. The island is also home to some of the finest resorts and hotels such as The Fairmont Orchid, The Hilton Waikoloa Village, The Kona Coast Resort, The Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel and The Hilo Hawaiian. Visitors can also enjoy some of the finest dinning experiences – why not book in at Kaikodo or have a quiet lunch down at the acclaimed Hilo Bay Café.

Areas of the Island

Kona is the where you will find all your mainstream forms of accommodation – i.e. all your super resorts and plush hotels. So it is fair to say that a large proportion of tourists flock to this side of the island. European sun seekers also like Kona because it is the driest and sunniest part to stay – it really is cabanas, pools, and room service all the way!

If its beaches you are after – and we are talking about the ones with soft white sand (the kind you see on postcards) then make your way down to Hawaii’s gold coast. The Kohala Coast is also home to the Hapuna Beach State Park and a number of swishy resorts like the Hapuna Prince.

The main city on the Big Island is Hilo. Bordering on a bay the city is quite stunning to put it mildly, dressed with ocean views and parks as well as waterfalls visitors are challenged not to be taken back. advice for disabled travelers to Hawaii.