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Hawaii's Bed and Breakfasts B n B

A Hawaii bed and breakfast, for many provides the perfect balance between the often over priced resorts and the overrated option of “roughing it.” This type of accommodation has really become taken off in the last couple of years – especially on the Big Island where the tourists seem to appreciate the lower key rural atmosphere. If you haven’t tried a homely Hawaiian BB then maybe it might be worth looking in them.

Of all the islands the Big Island seems to have the highest concentration of bed and breakfasts. Favourite sites include the plantations along the Kona Coast as well as in the shade of the lush rainforest that mark the area around Hilo. There are also two small inns – one located amidst Volcano Village and the other can be found in the quiet settlement of Waimea.

Hawaii's b and bs are not limited to the largest island. Lively Maui is also home to a few well received BBs – all one has to do is take a trip to the Kihei area. Old style inns can be found in the area surrounding Lahaina thus making them ideally close to the island’s main shopping area. Holiday makers would do well to also explore the Napili Coast.

Although Kauai is probably home to the most dramatic of Hawaii’s landscapes it is unfortunately not as blessed when it comes to bed and breakfasts. What ones there are seem to all be located between Hanalei and Kilauea.

http://www.bigisland.org/lodginghttp://www.bigisland.org/lodging Offers more advice on where to stay.

"B and B" Prices

As far as prices go they are generally across the board, although one thing can be said and that is that they are generally less expensive than the super resorts and hotels that dominate the Hawaiian Islands. If you want exact figures then you should estimate anything from between $35 to $75 dollars at night – and possibly even $125 for the more exclusive BBs. Guests often get discounts for extended stays so it is worth enquiring if you are eligible.

Throughout the six islands there are a number of bed and breakfast agencies who specialize in satisfying specific requests and needs – whether it be location preferences, budget constraints, or the size of the intended visiting party.

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