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Hawaii's Condos and Vacation Homes

These are a definite change from the standard hotels and resorts that so many budding tourists go for when visiting the islands. Investing in Hawaii’s condos, for one, is a great way to cut back on your annual or bi annual travel costs – this saving is even greater if you usually travel in large groups. If you do not mind a bit of a “hands on vacation” i.e. preparing your own meals and doing your own cleaning – then we would strongly recommend looking into a condominium.

In Hawaii you will find that most condos are grouped together in a single complex. You will find that typically there are two types the single high rise units and the low rise units which are grouped together. The extra room is obviously apparent, but today’s condos also come with a host of other amenities including a regular cleaning service. Most complexes on Hawaii have been built and developed around the major resort areas so that the occupants have easy access to the on site facilities – such as gourmet restaurants and activity programs.

This all said you have to ask yourself, “can I get my head around the concept of shared living? Offers more advice on where to stay. The official Big Island tourism site.

Condominium Complexes to Contact

You will be pleased to know that owning a condo is not like owning a second home, where the responsibility of maintaining the property falls completely on your shoulders. This often means that during a year several “call ins” have to be made to ensure there are no problems such as a leaky roof, a faulty alarm system or that the local termite nest has not moved in.

Condos are usually governed by what is knows as an “association of homeowners.” This body is responsible for looking after the property. But arriving at a clear blue pool and immaculately kept premises comes at a price; a price that is shared by the joined owners. Some even go as far as to hire a live in property manager!

Below you will find the names of some condominiums to get you started:

Aston Kona By The Sea
75 6106 Alii Drive
Kailua Kona, HI 96740
Phone: 808 327 2300

Waikoloa Villas At Waikoloa Village
68 3840 Lua Kula St
Kamuela, HI 96743
Phone: 808 936 7772

Mauna Lani Terrace Condominium
68 1399 Mauna Lani Drive
Kamuela, HI 96743
Phone: 808 883 8500

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