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Many people from the mainland are warming to the idea of settling down on the island shores. When it comes to property hunting and real estate in general; the trick is have a good idea what the current market forces are at the time. This would more than likely involve several pre planned trips to the island. A lot of people visit the island once and get so caught up in the magic and beauty of the surroundings that they make rash decisions.

Many fail to remember that it is not going to be a "holiday" all the time – people have to need realistically ask themselves yourself whether you can actually live there.

Big Island Real Estate Top Notes

Even though Hawaii is part of the US things are different here. The lifestyle, the surroundings, and just the general way everyday things are done is going to be different! So if you looking at moving as a way of only upgrading your surroundings – then you are going to be in for a little bit of a wake up call. A number of ethnic groups each with their own cultures inhabit the Hawaiian Islands – this very knowledge should prepare you for a different way of life.

Property and Hawaii’s real estate is largely acquired through the use of a mortgage. It is advised that you try and attain this type of secured loan though a bank or finance company that has its home office in Hawaii. For one it takes out the added hassle of negotiating the different time differences and more importantly non Hawaii based lenders are viewed as being very “airy fairy” – always trying to get a better deal and never committing. They are therefore given very little slack from the local market.

With our increasingly fast paced lifestyles and the evident technology boom – more and more people are looking for real estate on Hawaii and the Big Island via the internet. This can often result in a good deal – but what about the no monetary factors that are going to contribute to your new life that cannot be? The type of neighbourhood and the quality of nearby schools are often factors less focused on, but which will have a dramatic impact on your life.

That all said we would like to give you the contact details of a few real estate agents who are based on the Big Island, Hawaii.

Coldwell Banker Hilo, Telephone 808 886 2420

RE/MAX Brokers West Hawaii Hilo, Telephone 808 327 3280

Prudential Real Estate – Hilo, Telephone 808 327 3151

Hawaii Land Realty Corporation Hilo, Telephone 808 935 2991

Hawaiian Gold Coast Properties Vacation Rentals Hilo, Telephone 808 329 1999

Tradewinds Realty LLC Hilo, Telephone 808 935 2200

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