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Hawaii timeshares – making their mark on the Big Island! With all the Big Island of Hawaii has to offer – space, beauty, and a range of climates that can support lush tropical rainforests, stern arid deserts and golden beaches – it is no wonder it has come become a coveted piece of real estate by the world’s timeshare enthusiasts.

Explaining Hawaii’s Timeshare Boom!

Apart from the obvious physical attributes what also bodes well for the island is the trend that seems to have developed. Statistics show that timeshares are becoming an increasingly popular form of holiday accommodation with just over 3 million households in America opting for a time share over hotels and bed and breakfasts! Holiday goers have finally realized the added vacation and monetary value that a timeshare can provide.

You will find that most units are purposefully located near major tourist attractions such as beaches, resort complexes and pro golf courses! Whether you are looking for a one, two or three bedroom unit we would be surprised if you do not find exactly what you want, just given the sheer number of units available!

You will find the Big Island holds numerous options – but the highest concentrations of Hawaiian timeshares seem to be centred round the area of Kailua Kona. Some timeshares that have received a lot of acclaim include:

Mauna Loa Village by the Sea (1 Bedroom)
78 7190 Kaleiopapa Road
Kailua Kona, HI
1 808 322 3466

Fairfield Hawaii at Kona Hawaiian Resort (2 Bedroom)
75 5961 Ali'i Drive
Kaiua Kona, Big Island, HI
1 866 797 3692

Kona Hawaiian Village by the Sea (2 Bedroom)
75 5961 Alii Drive
Kailua Kona, HI
1 866 240 1357

Other popular development areas include the areas around Hilo, Waikoloa, and Punaluu.

Odds and Ends

If you are looking at investing in a time share you could not have chosen a better time. Due to the sudden surge in popularity buyers are finding it less difficult to find finance. Buying also increases your vacation flexibility with most programs allowing owners to trade and divide their time between other destinations throughout the world. This in effect can reduce a large amount of your holiday expense. If you are interested in being apart of such scheme which allows you the ability the trade your timeshare then when recommend contacting RCI.

9998 North Michigan Road
Carmel, IN 46032
Telephone : 317 805 9000
or fax 317 805 9335

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