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Brussels’ accommodation scene is unlike that of any other European capital. Because most visitors are on business you’ll find a disproportionate number of hotels at the top end of the market, while the bottom end struggles to meet the growing demand. However, in Brussels the ‘established’ rules of supply and demand don’t apply and anyone planning a City Break should be able to pick up a bargain without much difficulty.

Brussels’ role as the headquarters of the European Union means that the city is busiest during the week. At weekends hotels empty as scores of eurocrats return home and hotel prices fall by as much as much as half. Similarly the summer months of July and August are Brussels’ quietest. However, a night in a business hotel might not be everybody’s idea of fun, so it’s important to establish exactly where you’ll be staying before making any financial commitments. Try to steer clear of the suburbs and look for something near the historic Grand Place instead.

Hotels in Brussels are rated on a star system and it would be logical to assume that you get what you pay for. However, this isn’t always the case. Stars are awarded according to the hotel’s facilities and some of the city’s best hotels don’t make the grade simply because they don’t have satellite TV or a communal gym. By focusing strictly on amenities you’re also in danger of ending up in a well appointed, but soulless corporate chain.

Despite the fact that you’re unlikely to have any problems finding weekend accommodation in Brussels, you’ll save time and money by booking in advance. However, if you arrive with nowhere to stay you’ll find that most Belgian hoteliers speak reasonable English. Failing that you should head for the central tourist office (situated in the Town Hall Grand Place, Grand Place), who will be happy to point you in the right direction.

If you want a sharper taste of local life you’ll find a number of agencies who organise accommodation in private houses. Rooms are well priced and homeowners take considerable pride in looking after guests. For further information contact Bed Brussels (Tel: 02 646 0737).