Car Hire in Brussels Getting around Transportation

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If you’re hoping to visit any of Brussels’ historic satellite towns, or simply want a break form the bustle of city life, then it’s well worth thinking about hiring a car. On the other hand if you’re visiting Brussels on a short city break; you’ll find the capital’s public transport system both economic and reliable. In fact, during rush hour Brussels’ streets become quickly gridlocked (in keeping with most other European capitals) and you’ll wish that had caught the tram instead. Similarly parking can be a real headache.

Most of the major car rental firms (such as Avis and Budget) have offices at both Charleroi and Brussels international airports. However, to get the best deals it pays to book in advance. The Internet is the best starting point and besides the ‘international heavyweights’ you’ll find a growing number of competitive web based companies. It is possible to arrive at the airport and find a car on spec, but you’re likely to waste hours sanding in queues and end up paying through the nose.

If you intend to hire a car Brussels you’ll have to be at least 21 years old, although some rental companies require a minimum age of 25. You’ll also need an internationally recognized driving license and a credit card to leave as deposit. Before you drive off carefully inspect the hire car for any damage; after all there’s no reason why you should have to pay for somebody else’s careless driving.

One of the most popular day trips (which more than justifies any expenses involved in hiring a car) is to the medieval town of Leuven. Situated just 20 km east of Brussels; Leuven’s historic city centre is a treasure trove of gothic architecture, which reaches an almighty crescendo in the flamboyant Town Hall. The nearby fairytale that is Horst Castle slumbers on the banks of the river Winge, seemingly oblivious of the last 300 years of history. Beer connoisseurs will no doubt make a beeline for the brewing Mecca that is the Hoegaarden, birthplace of the famous biere blanche; although driving back isn’t recommended.