Cheap flights to Brussels Consumer Insight

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Not only has the Internet made the world considerably smaller, but it’s also made it much cheaper to visit. The Web has transformed the travel market and today it’s never been easier to find cheap flights to Brussels. However, it’s easy to get lost in cyberspace and to get the best deals; you’ll have to know exactly where to look.

Brussels is Belgium’s primary aviation gateway and handles direct flights from most European airports. For cheap scheduled flights to Brussels try one of the reputable online travel agents, such as expedia or opodo, where you’ll find plenty of discounted airfares. Competition in the electronic marketplace is fierce and if businesses want to succeed they have to supply the customer with exactly what they want. Most of the well known carriers land at Brussels International Airport in Zaventem, 13km form the city centre. From the airport it’s a 20 minute journey on the Airport City Express train into central Brussels.

Web based travel agents are one thing, but it’s been the advent of a new breed of no frills airline that’s really driven down prices. Britain’s booming budget airlines have forced more established carriers to cut fares and you can now fly to Brussels for less than it costs to park your car at the airport for the weekend.

Arguably the biggest success of the no frills airline story has been ryanair, who operates daily flights to Brussels’ Charleroi Airport. Budget airlines are often criticized for using far flung airports and Brussels’ Charleroi is often quoted as a prime example. Once you’ve landed it’s another hour’s trek (37 miles) into the capital, although buses are timed to meet all flights. For the cheapest no frills seats book as far in advance as possible, steer clear of public holidays and try to avoid traveling on Fridays and Sundays.

If you haven’t quite got to grips with new media yet, there are a number of tried and tested paths that are worth investigating. Leafing through the back pages of the weekend travel supplements can produce surprising results. Similarly Teletext is proves fertile hunting ground for cheap tickets… and there’s always your high street travel agent.