Flights to Brussels and Airport Information Suggested itineraries

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With the Internet’s teething troubles long forgotten there’s never been a better time for anyone looking for flights to Brussels. The city is well served by both air and rail links, which means that competition is stiff and you can pick up some real bargains if you’re prepared to shop around. Besides the usual crop of online travel agents and no frills airlines it’s worth having a look at the growing number of so called last minute outlets; who often sell flights surprisingly far in advance.

Most scheduled flights land at Brussels International Airport in Zaventem, which serves as the country’s principal aviation hub. It’s thriving airport where everything runs with predictable Belgian efficiency. Brussels International Airport is conveniently located 13 km north east of the city centre and is well integrated with the capital’s public transport network.

The easiest way to make the short trip into Brussels is to catch the Airport City Express rail link. Trains run every fifteen minutes and serve the city’s three main stations; Midi, Central and Nord. Once you’ve passed through passport control head for Level 1 where you’ll find trains running from 6.00 am until midnight.

If you’re traveling on a tight budget then you’ll naturally be drawn towards the bus stop (beneath the arrivals hall). However, buses in Brussels aren’t particularly cheap and the chances are that you’ll only save a couple of cents. Journey times are extended to 45 minutes and considerably longer during rush hour. However, the buses are comfortable and if you’re visiting either; Schuman, Diamant, Geneve, Germinal or NATO then a bus might be the best bet.

Taxis can prove something of a mixed blessing, especially if you get snarled up in traffic. Expect to pay somewhere in the region of €30 40 and make sure that you’re traveling in a licensed cab (look for the blue and yellow emblem).

If you’re flying to Brussels with Ryanair you’ll land at Charleroi Airport, approximately one hour from the city centre. Because of the airport’s relative isolation Ryanair operates a shuttle bus which is timed to serve all inbound/outbound flights (terminating in Gare de Midi).