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Aberdeen, Hong Kong Guide to Aberdeen’s Harbour, Floating Restaurants Hotels


The Aberdeen area was once called Hong Kong, however visitors mistakenly believed the name was referring to the whole island. Once the mistake was pointed out to them, Hong Kong had become so well known as Hong Kong that they had to rename the area. It was decided that it was to be named after the fourth Earl of Aberdeen.

Aberdeen sits on the southern shore of the island nestled along the Aberdeen Harbour. For this reason, a few hundred years ago it was occupied by pirates before transforming into a beautiful fishing village. Today, Aberdeen is full of modernity with skyscrapers and much in the way of entertainment. These modern facilities matched with the original fishing village charm make for a fascinating destination for visitors. While Aberdeen only has a population of around sixty thousand, it offers a unique seaside adventure for tourists.

It is often referred to as a floating village because of its famous floating restaurants along its harbour. The preserved fishing port features several fantastic seafood restaurants, the most famous being the Aberdeen Jumbo Floating Restaurant which resembles the Palace of Imperial China. This restaurant has served some of the world’s most famous names such as the Queen and Tom Cruise while also being a location seen in several movies.

The harbour itself is one of the most beautiful sights and taking a boat cruise is a recommended activity. When finding a boat it is advisable to negotiate the price prior to boarding so there is no complications at the end. One thing you will notice is that there are many expatriates who have house boats on the harbour.

On dry land there are also other tourist activities such as wondering around the Aberdeen Country Park or taking a stroll along the promenade. Aberdeen really is a vibrant harbour resort and one worth spending at least a couple of days in.

If you are looking to find a hotel in Aberdeen, here are two places to begin searching. L’Hotel Island South is a beautifully decorated hotel on Wong Chuk Hang Road. Although its location is not the best, the staff are friendly and you will surely enjoy your stay here. The other is the Ovolo Tin Wan Hotel which can be found near the Victoria Peak Tower. It is in a great location with good services although you may find the rooms quite small.