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Anhui Cuisine Guide to Authentic Anhui Food Restaurants

Anhui Cuisine


Anhui cuisine features as one of China’s eight famous cuisines of China. This style of cuisine derived from the Huangshan Mountains using native methods and ingredients such as wild game and herbs. These attributes make this cuisine very similar to the Jiangsu cuisine.

Within Anhui cuisine are three separate styles; Yangzee River, Huai River and Southern Anhui Region. Each of these styles value taste and colour above all else.

Some of the most distinctive Anhui dishes include the popular roast duck dish which has won several awards in China, though not quite as renowned as Peking duck. Another is a type of shrimp paste made with rice flour, regional spices, white shrimp, leeks and soy sauce. Egg dumplings are always a hit, traditionally filled with pork, wrapped in egg sheets.

The best place to try Anhui cuisine is in Shanghai where there are a few authentic Anhui restaurants. Hui Zhen Yuan is one of them, thought to be Shanghai’s most authentic, located on Weifang Road. The other is Guiren, a restaurant on Kaixuan Road in the district of Changning.

This cuisine which is often spicy and salty is a popular choice when venturing to try new foods while in China and one that will likely become one of your favourites.