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Baotou, Inner Mongolia – Guide to Baotou Attractions Hotels


Baotou is Inner Mongolia’s largest city which has transformed from being a highly arid region home to mainly Mongolian herders, to its current state as an industrial community. While there are four sections of the city, only Kunqu and Donghe are worth visiting, Kunqu being the main entertainment centre and the ‘new city’, Donghe being the ‘old town’.

Baotou is where you will find the biggest region of ‘green’ in Inner Mongolia, with wide spans of grassland reaching almost as far as the eye can see.

The Great Gobi desert is found 60km south of Baotou and a great tourist attraction at its Resonant Sand Gorge. This sand gorge is inundated with impressive sand dunes perfect for sliding down, some towering 90m high! For the adventurous ones, there are opportunities to ride camels and paraglide.

One of the main reasons people travel to Baotou is to visit the Genghis Khan Mausoleum. As a Mongolian hero, he unified the people of Inner Mongolia and let them to a great civilization by enhancing their interactions. Because of his contribution, the tribal people named him ‘Genghis Khan’ meaning ‘powerful king’. His mausoleum was created in 1954 approximately 185km from Baotou. Although people have different beliefs about whether or not he is actually buried there, it has become more of a gathering place for those who believe to offer sacrifice.

Baotou Hotel Guide:

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