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Beijing Shopping A guide to shopping in Beijing

Beijing Shopping

You will never be short of things to do in Beijing but make sure you fit in some retail therapy.

Beijing shopping offers everything from traditional items sold in street markets to fashion labels in department stores, Beijing has a bit of everything. Most shops have long opening hours usually opening between 8 and 9am to 7 or 8pm, some stay open even later. Some markets such as Xiu Shui will see you needing to spice up your bargaining knowledge as it is common place. Even in more upmarket places you can try to bargain as sometimes starting prices can be ten times that of the cost.

Something to keep in mind is that only large hotels or state run shopping places accept credit cards so it is a good idea to ask before you go so you can take some cash in its place.

Department stores are generally more expensive than markets and can be an interesting experience for tourists being in amongst the chaotic shopping scene.

Top 5 Beijing Markets

1. Beijing Silk MarketBeijing Silk Market – One of the most popular markets is the silk market of Beijing, found close to the CBD where you can find more than 1500 stalls full of shoes, fashion clothing, bags and much more.

2. Wudaokou MarketWudaokou Market – This shopping area is the grandest in Beijing and popular with tourists. Many come here to find cheap fastionable clothing. You can find it just east of the Forbidden City.

3. Xiu Shui Market – This is a market style shopping mall known for its replica designer labels and a hit with the tourists.

4. Hong Qiao MarketHong Qiao Market – Located in the south central area, this market is a good place for cheap shopping hunting.

5. Nuren Jie (Ladies Street)Nuren Jie (Ladies Street) – The Nuren Jie is the largest ladies’ products retail market in Beijing, perfect for finding perfumes and women’s clothes.