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Beijing Tour Packages

Beijing Tour Packages are a popular choice when it comes to organising a holiday in Beijing as they often take away the stress associated with planning a trip and all the bits in between. When traveling to a different country where the language and culture is vastly different, the basics like communication to understanding protocols become challenging. This is why package deals in Beijing, China, continue to be a popular option.

Beijing tour packages can be pre arranged or tailor made, taken within a group or exclusively. Whether you want to share your experience with others or take the family on a personal journey, tours can be found to suit all needs. They can take you to the most famous places in Beijing from Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China to the more specialised tours such as Olympic tours, mountain tours and for the more active, bike tours. Most tour operators will organise everything from accommodation, food, entrances and transportation so that you can enjoy the journey rather than worry about getting places and finding someone who speaks English.

Although taking a tour can take out much of the hassle, beware of the scamming industry within the tourist industry. Several tour guides are on commission to get you to buy from shops that may or may not be on your itinerary, these are usually jade shops or other jewellery stores. Make sure you don’t feel pressured into buying anything and speak up if you think your guide is taking you to too many ‘extra’ places as others in your group may be feeling the same way or completely ignorant to what may be going on. Some people have also voiced that they were taken to hugely expensive restaurants and stores which have bloated prices for foreigners. So again keep your wits about you and remember it is your tour so you should have a say.

Still, there are those out there who are reliable and trustworthy so word of mouth certainly helps. A good suggestion is to book your Beijing Package holiday through your local travel agent as they will want to keep their reputation clean and therefore you are more covered if something goes wrong. Although there are copious tours advertised on the internet, it is rather difficult to distinguish those which are honest and those which will do anything to exploit you and your money.

Many are choosing to go at it alone, and although it can be quite difficult, they find that staff at their hotels are consistently helpful and honest.

So in the end it is a choice you need to make, whether you decide to take the somewhat easy route and book a tour or go DIY, you will certainly get a unique experience.