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Beijing Tourism Guide to Beijing’s Tourist Industry

Beijing Tourism

According to China, Beijing is still in the early stages of developing its tourist industry however is already one of the world’s most visited cities.

Beijing’s economy has boosted into the international platform as one of the most powerful as it strives to develop its tourism industry to create an internationally recognised top tourism city. As the Vice Mayor Xiangyang put it, it is the “first step for Beijing to march toward the world city”.

With the government in full swing of launching several Beijing tourism projects, the industry is aiming for great heights. Since the boost from the 2008 Olympics, Beijing is investing billions of yuan into the industry and several more projects have been, and are being presented to potential investors.

Still, as it stands Beijing already has lots to offer tourists and will be developing on an already strong tourism industry. In 2008 alone almost 4million tourists visited the city to experience the hundreds of attractions. The Forbidden City, Temple of heaven, Summer palace and several sections of the Great Wall of China are just some of the copious tourist sites Beijing has to offer.

There are almost continuous increases in tourist numbers while the industry makes up around 7% of Beijing’s GDP as one of the city’s most important revenue making sectors. While it is a popular place for sightseeing tourists, they are working on increasing their coverage of business and conference travellers to become the top business destination in Asia.

To accommodate these tourist numbers, Beijing has more than 800 hotels scattered throughout the city for travellers to choose from. Whether visitors are travelling on a budget or whether they are travelling in style, Beijing has it all, in fact Beijing has the most hotels in the entire nation.

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