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Beijing Climate

Located in northern China, Beijing experiences a continental climate system with four distinct seasons.


Beijing summers are long and hot thanks to the humid winds that travel here from the southeast. Summer usually begins to the end of May and lasts through to August. Temperatures stay upward from 20°C and often reach heights of nearly 40°C. This heat can be harsh and often unbearable so if travelling during this season make sure you are prepared for the humidity. Unfortunately summers are also the wettest and as Beijing’s peak season, it’s teeming with people.


Lasting from September to November, Beijing’s Autumn season is one of the best to travel in. The climate is mostly pleasant while there are far fewer tourist crowds than during summer.


While low temperatures make winter a tough season, many choose to travel during these months to see the beautiful snowy landscapes, have fun ice skating and enjoy the city’s hot spots. Because of the cold, there are far fewer tourists and therefore hotels are usually much cheaper during this season.


Not the ideal time to be travelling as frequent sandstorms from heightened wind make spring a less than pleasant time to visit. The one upside is that tourist numbers are few and far between.

Temperatures are usually the coldest in January, heating up to their highest in July. During the hottest months is also when the most rain falls, while precipitation is scarce during winter.

Air quality is not the best here even though the government has tried to make improvements, however you will get used to it and perhaps appreciate the fresh air even more when you leave.