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Causeway Bay Hong Kong Guide to Causeway Bay’s Shopping and Hotels

Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is one of Hong Kong’s most built up areas and also one of the most crowded. It is a popular destination for both foreigners and locals alike with a large selection of shopping and entertainment.

Causeway Bay hasn’t always been the metropolitan area it is today, it started out as a fishing island before development began to upscale the reclaimed land. Now it is a built up, neon lit hub of shopping and entertainment. With its close proximity to the beautiful harbour and the location of Victoria Park, it is a popular area for sightseeing.

Once you have got enough excitement from the spectacular views, follow the bright lights to the copious department stores and satisfy your shopping needs. Interestingly, the popularity of Causeway Bay’s shopping streets has hiked rent in the area, with the prices being similar to that of shops on fifth avenue. As one of the most expensive places to have a shop, they make sure to make the most of it so they are often open late into the night, some keeping their doors open well after midnight.

With shops, restaurants, movie theatres and hotels packed into the main streets, there are a few places that will need to make your must visit list. The first to join the list is none other than Causeway Bay’s biggest emporium, Times Square. However if you are after something a little more affordable and places that stock more than the highest end brands, Jardine’s Bazaar is a good place to seek out. Here you can find fashionable items at reasonable prices making it a very popular shopping spot. Other shopping spots include Fashion Island and Windsor House.

You will find that often on the weekends, because of the area’s popularity, several side streets may be closed to help congestion of the pedestrian crowds. As a major spot for the New Years count down, you can expect difficulty getting around by wheeled transport challenging as people flock to join the celebrations.

The best solution is to base yourself at a central hotel so you can easily access the main shopping and restaurant areas without too much hassle. The MetroPark HotelThe MetroPark Hotel would be one of the prime places to stay as it is near the main district while the majority of rooms have magnificent harbour views. Alternatively check out The ExcelsiorThe Excelsior or the Regal Hong Kong HotelsRegal Hong Kong Hotels. There are several to choose from, just be sure to ask whether tax is included in the price quoted before accepting as this could add up to 15% to the final price.

Just as a side note, at midday you are likely to hear a cannon go off near the harbour, this has been going on for many years, used as a time signal for the old inhabitants.