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Cheap Flights to Beijing – Guide to China’s Cheapest Airline Flights

Cheap Flights to Beijing

Summer sees a major influx of tourists each year and is the busiest time on the Chinese calendar with Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival. This also means finding cheap airfares more difficult. If you are not fussed on the climate, then travelling off peak from October to December will be much easier for finding good deals with flights and beyond. However, be warned that Beijing can get very cold and wet in winter so organising outdoor activities can be more of a challenge, but nothing a warm coat and hat can’t help.

Finding cheap flights to Beijing is best done through comparison websites if you don’t have any qualms about buying airline tickets online. Cheapflights, Kayak and Expedia are good places to start your search. If you want to book flights through a travel agent, they also can usually find good deals, especially if you are looking for a package deal.

One of the most important tips for booking flights to Beijing is the more flexible you are with dates, the cheaper you are likely to find your trip to be. Try to fly mid week if possible as travelling on the weekend usually sees higher fares. One other trick is to check flights into neighbouring airports as in many cases you can find cheaper flights, however add in the cost of transport once landed (though hotels shouldn’t charge for airport pick ups). One last tip is to keep a look out in newspapers and airline sites for cheap deals, even join up to their mailing list so you receive the best deals first.

Beijing has two airports, and believe it or not, this is important from the get go. Once you arrive in Beijing you are likely to want to travel further into China, and to do so most will use domestic air travel. It is useful to know that Nanyuan Airport, Beijing’s domestic airport, offers discounted tickets in some cases to some of the more unique China destinations. Its counterpart, Beijing International Airport does not offer such a service. However it is important to note that these discount tickets can only be obtained at the airport and cannot be purchased in advance. So for the intrepid and spontaneous travellers, this is a great way to source cheap flights. Flying out of Nanyuan Airport has other advantages also as it is a less populated airport therefore boarding times are generally much quicker and you do not have to arrive at the airport more than an hour before your flight is due to depart.

Alternatively there is the Beijing Capital International Airport. It is Beijing’s busiest airport and where you will likely land when arriving in Beijing. The airport is of an international standard with great facilities. More than 60 airlines operate at Beijing Capital International Airport and services well over 150 destinations.