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Chengdu, China | Guide to Chengdu’s Attractions, Climate Hotels

Chengdu, China

Chengdu is Sichuan’s capital with a population of over 11million people. It has been one of China’s most successful developments now sporting a modernised centre with a relaxed way of life.

The city itself is rather compact with most attractions central while the Funan River weaves right through the city. Recently, Chengdu has been awarded the prize for being the fourth most liveable city in China while also featuring in the top ten cities to put investment into.

With a great historical and cultural background, Chengdu also has a few attractions that are great to visit. Renmin Park is one of them with garden displays that are present throughout the year surrounding ponds and beautiful terraces. Another is the Wenshu Temple, a Tang Dynasty Buddhist Temple decorated with hundreds of Buddha statues. Also within is a restaurant and tea houses that you can rest at while admiring the halls and gardens. To enter the temple will only set you back a few yuan.

For something with an added adrenalin rush, visit Happy Valley, an amusement park full of rides and a water park.

Getting to Chengdu can be done through the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport located a mere 16km from the central city. It is a very busy airport but very handy. Once in the capital, you have a choice of transport from the subway system to buses and taxis.

Chengdu’s climate is reasonable, with summers being mild and humid with temperatures just reaching the thirties at its hottest while winter brings the temperature down into the single digits. The height of summer peaks in July and August while winter is at its coldest from December to February.

Chengdu is obviously popular with the Chinese but its attractions are slightly lacking in comparison to surrounding areas. Many prefer to base themselves here and travel outside the city daily. If staying in the city, here is a quick guide to hotels in Chengdu:


Millennium HotelMillennium Hotel – South Railway Station Area

Sheraton Lido HotelSheraton Lido Hotel – Luomashi Commercial Area


Elite Hotel – North Railway Station Area

Prime Hotel – Chunxi Road Commercial Area


JinJiang InnJinJiang Inn – Wuhou Temple

Garden City Hotel – Chunxi Road Commercial Area