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Sichuan Chongqing – China Holiday Guide to Sichuan Chongqing

Sichuan Chongqing Travel Guide

Sichuan and Chongqing sit side by side in southwest China yet their environments are completely contrasting. Sitting to the east is Chongqing, a modernised city with a heavily industrialised core, whereas in contrast, Sichuan is a wonderland of nature.

Chongqing is located on the Yangzi peninsular at the junction with the Jialing River. It has become a highly commercialised city surrounding the few historic sentiments left including the People’s Liberation Monument found in the central city. Although it has a modernised centre, most visit for the Yangzi ferry cruise. The Yangzi cruise follows the river downstream toward the Three Gorges Dam, stopping at several points along the way to admire the beautiful scenery and famous sights. They have recently raised the level of the river allowing cruises to operate for longer periods throughout the year.

While Chongqing is also known as “Mountain City”, its neighbour Sichuan takes mountainous to the next level.

The Yangzi River saved Sichuan from isolation linking it with Yichang, however still remains one of China’s most inaccessible provinces. With the Tibetan Plateau to the west and the Three Gorges to the east, Sichuan is surrounded by nature’s walls. From the snow capped mountains of the Himalaya to the alpine scenery of the north, Sichuan is a province of stark contrasts. Fortunately Sichuan has been able to develop thanks to the Yangze River and has ultimately led to housing one of China’s largest populations with an amazing 87 million people calling this province home.

Chongqing and Sichuan’s natural attractions are the main pull for visitors and are truly worth touring in these provinces. Find magical ponds of brilliant blue and spectacular waterfalls all while exploring the famous Yangzi River.