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Dalian Vacations China – Guide to Hotels, Beaches Climate of Dalian


Dalian is one of the favourite provinces to visit for both domestic and international visitors. The province boasts fantastic beaches, splendid shopping and a clean and cosmopolitan setting port side that resembles the popular Shanghai. With an exciting mix of beaches and temples, Dalian has something for everyone.

Regarded as a young city, Dalian has already earned the nickname ‘Hong Kong of Northern China’ for its progressive economy and cosmopolitan demeanour. It’s an attractive province located near the peak of the Liaodong peninsula, home to several famous beaches.

Must See Beaches:

Be sure to travel during the summer months in Dalian as its beaches are not to be missed. Tiger Beach is not the ideal swimming beach but is worth visiting to take in the excellent views of the rugged cliffs. For those wanting a more beachy experience, Golden Stone Beach (Jinshitan) is a popular sunbathing and swimming beach where many flock during vacation. It is located 60km north of Dalian and sports some superb coves while a golf course and amusement park occupies the surrounding area.

Getting to the beaches of Dalian is relatively easy with both busses and taxis able to take you there.

If you wish to stay dry, apart from the beaches Dalian also has several parks and scenic areas that dot the city. Labor Park is the location of the Locust Flower Festival in the springtime, known as the park with the giant football in its centre. On a sunny day there is no better excursion than wondering the green grass through the park admiring the sculptures.

Bangchuidao Scenic Area is known to have some of the best beaches in the north but is also home to the Sun Asia Ocean World Aquarium where you can have fun exploring over 100m of underwater tunnel that showcases some incredible marine creatures. You can opt in for a guided tour of just go at your own pace along the automatic footpaths.

Another scenic area is Renmin Square, a well cared for grass area that you can wonder through. If you can, view the Square in the evenings when it is beautifully lit.

For those keen for a bit of shopping in between the beach and parks, head to Tianjin Jie, a length of shops near Zhongshan Square. Just a short walk away is an underground shopping centre that is worth checking out just for the experience. While you are in the area, take a walk to Zhongshan Square where perfectly laid lawns are bordered by a rim of colonial buildings. If you are lucky, you might see dance and music shows here.

When travelling in summer expect humid climate while winters are often windy with low temperatures sometimes sitting in the low negative degrees Celsius. The best time to travel is in and around August when the climate is good for beach and park visits.