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Food Cuisine in China – Guide to Chinese Cuisine Dining

Chinese Food Cuisine

China has produced several food styles that the world has adopted as one of their favourite cuisines. There are many regional cuisines that contribute to the overall Chinese food experience from Beijing’s roast duck to Hong Kong’s seafood delights.

There are eight main cuisines in China:

Shandong cuisine Largely seafood, soups, meat and offal

Guangdong cuisine – Using fine and rare ingredients to make exquisite dishes

Sichuan cuisine – An ancient cuisine where seasoning is crucial

Hunan cuisine – Oil and strength of colour are important factors while a chicken stuffed of five ‘elements’ is a popular dish

Jiangsu cuisine – Braising and stewing are common while duck and tofu appear often

Zhejiang Cuisine – Consisting of several local delicacies, fried and braised is the specialty

Fujian cuisine – The fine cutting techniques, alternative soups, seasonings, and unique cooking style is what you’ll find

Anhui cuisine – Braising is more popular than frying, you will likely find braised ham and grilled chicken on the menu

Once you have settled on your food and cuisine choice, you will need to find a restaurant that caters for your wants. Make sure they display a health certificate of some kind, Hong Kong use the QTS sign which assures quality while other areas will use other quality assurance signs.

Once you seek out the restaurant of your choice, make sure you get a reservation especially if you are booking during lunchtime, on peak nights and on weekends. When you sit down it is not uncommon for the waiter to bring tea and snacks to your table. You should be aware that they will likely add these to your bill so it is a good idea to ask before honing in whether or not you will be charged for the un ordered extras. While tipping is not common practice, most restaurants will add a 10% service charge to the bill, so don’t be surprised when it is added to your receipt. When you go to pay by credit card, be sure to check the slip before signing it and always take your receipt with you.

If you find food carts on the street selling food you should be aware that they are not usually the most hygienic of food places and most are unlicensed.