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Foshan City – Guide to Foshan Travel Hotels


Most bypass Foshan for larger cities when travelling China, however if you desire a trip off the beaten track, you may have hit the jackpot.

Fohan is relatively small compared to some of China’s other cities with a population of around 5 million. The landscape can be described as crowded and industrial, one of the reasons this region sees little in the way of tourism. However it is known for its blue tinged ceramic figurines and is at the centre of the craft trade. One can even get tours around some of the ceramic factories if this is your cup of tea.

Other crafts to indulge in can be found at the Foshan Folk Art Studio located in the former Ming Temple. Other temples you may want to visit include the Old Zu Temple that is the home of the city’s guardian. Fascinatingly it has withstood hundreds of years through the revolution and wars and has come out unharmed. One can experience traditional night opera here these days.

Another attraction is the old porcelain furnace found in Shi Wan. It has been speculated that it has been around as long ago as the Tang dynasty and people say that the fire found inside the furnace has been burning since its creation.

The Xiqiao Mountain is a popular spot so make sure you bring your walking shoes. There are waterfalls and green forests to take in while getting some exercise.

Further attractions include the Chinese architecture displayed throughout the city, the Qing Hui Gardens and the shopping centres and restaurants found in the centre of the city.

Getting to Foshan is slightly challenging as it doesn’t have its own international airport, however getting into Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is your next best idea as you can take a bus out to Foshan from here which will take little more than an hour. Otherwise you will have to travel domestically through China United Airlines to reach Foshan Airport.

While Foshan isn’t a well known tourist destination, the arts and crafts are appealing and a few temples are worth taking a look at.

There are a few good places to stay in Foshan so below is a quick guide:

Budget to Mid Range

Shiwan Hotel (city centre)

Goldenlake Hotel (Chancheng District)

Mid to Luxury Range

Fontainebleau Hotel (Nan Hai District)

Crowne Plaza Foshan (Chancheng District)