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Fujian China – Guide to the Fujian Province

Fujian Holiday Guide

Sitting just across from Taiwan is the Fujian Province, a multi ethnic area an assortment of minority groups call home. With over 30 million in residence, it is a decent sized Chinese province.

With a year round warm climate, it is a unique tourist destination with historical sites coupled with stunning landscapes. There are two places in particular you should visit and that is Mount Wuyi and the Earth Towers of the Hakkas.

The mountains of Wuyi are enchanting and create steep cliffs to the side of the river, the making of a spectacular view. Tea plantations have been developed around them while the mountains themselves are a great example of the biodiversity of the area. In recent times Mount Wuyi has become a World Heritage Site, further classifying it as both a natural and a cultural hotspot.

Secondly the Earth Towers of the Hakkas are a must see on your tour of the Fujian Province. It is said that the early Hahha people travelled into Fujian first from North China. Many know them for their earthly dwellings known as tu lou which is an architectural form designed to incorporate a fort like exterior to withstand attacks. Their community in Fujian has largely settled in the south western ranges such as those found around Yongding. Their unique housing is fascinating, typically a three story round or square building with each floor serving a different purpose.

The Hakka people have had a considerable influence in China’s history with many of its people becoming renowned revolutionaries, government, and military leaders.

Alternatively you can visit the bustling city of Xiamen, an area popular with tourists who travel here to enjoy the eye catching seascape. There are a number of tourist attractions apart from the seascape including the islands that can be found not far from the mainland (such as Gulangyu Island), beautiful mountains, and temples like the Nanputuo Temple.

Xiamen City has done a lot to encourage tourism with the creation of a good transportation system and several entertainment centres.

So while Fujian is no Beijing or Shanghai, it is a province with a lot to offer if you are willing to give it a chance.