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Fujian Hotels

Finding a hotel in Fujian is relatively easy considering the plentiful supply. Just like most areas, there are a range of hotels from the epically cheap to the fantastically expensive so it is a matter of finding what your budget is then matching it with what is available.

Unfortunately you cannot rely on the ‘star’ rating system for hotels as authorities fail to monitor the state of the hotels and therefore the rating can be deemed useless in the most part. Therefore you will likely have to rely on the price and word of mouth to guide to to find the better hotels amongst them.

To help guide you to the range of Fujian Hotels available, below we have categorised some hotels for you to start researching.

Cheap Fujian Hotels

The Fujian Grand Hyatt Hotel is a top level cheap hotel with good facilities including a Chinese restaurant as well as a beauty centre. It has been classed as a more business orientated hotel as it prides itself on its modern business facilities including a translation service. This hotel can be found at the intersection of Wusi and Wuyi roads.

Another cheap hotel in this area is the Quangzhou Diamond Hotel on East Huai Street. Although not as central as some, it is only minutes from the railway station and a handy twenty minutes from the airport.

Mid Range Hotels

The Asia Gulf Hotel on Around Ring Road is a great place for those who want a comfortable stay without forking out too much. It has all the usual amenities however it is its location which makes it stand out amongst the rest. Just south of the hotel is the International Exhibition and Conference Centre, to the north is the Nanputuo Temple which is a Buddhist holy spot and South China’s famous university. The other highlight is its proximity to lots of beaches that are spread along Island Ring Road.

Luxurious Hotels

If you have money to burn or are wanting an extra special stay, the Lujiang Hotel is a great place for those looking to splurge. Located in the city centre on the banks of the Lujiang River, this hotel is modernly decorated with some rooms having grand river views. There is an in house seafood restaurant as well as a gym and sauna.

Another top class hotel is the well known Best Western Xiamen Central Hotel with a central city location. Just twenty minutes from the airport, this hotel sports two restaurants; one that provides a more western menu while the other is well known for its quality Fujian and Cantonese dishes. The hotel also includes an exercise room and spa.

So depending on your budget these are great places to start searching to find the best Fujian hotel for your needs; whether you are here for business or pleasure.

There are a couple of things you should consider when searching for a hotel. Remember that although there may seem to be plenty of hotels to choose from, during Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival, China seems to be packed and it is no understatement. So if you are planning to travel during these times be sure to plan and book your accommodation well in advance. The other is the quoted price as most places will give you a price exclusive of taxes so be sure to ask about additional charges including service and bed taxes before booking as this can add up to a whopping 15% to the final price.