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Fuzhou Travel Guide Guide to Fuzhou Attractions, Airport, Hotels Climate

Fuzhou Travel Guide

Fujian’s capital Fuzhou lies on the east coast of the People’s Republic of China horizontal with Taiwan. With all its cultural and historical gems, Fuzhou is a great tourist destination.

With long summers with temperatures reaching heights that can often be deemed uncomfortable, winter is generally the best time to visit Fuzhou. However be sure to stay clear of May when torrential rains are expected.

To help you plan your stay in Fuzhou City, the following is a tour guide to Fuzhou’s best tourist attractions.

Start in the centre of the city to visit Wuyi Square where you will find a great Mao statue. Try to get there early in the morning around seven to see the several martial arts enthusiasts training in front of the huge statue. Next head out to the Hualin Temple which dates back to the Song Dynasty. It was built in 964AD and is renowned for being South China’s oldest preserved wooden building.

Try and find a busy tea house to stop for a relaxing drink, use its popularity with the locals guide you to the area’s best. Take a short bus ride from the city out to Qi Mountain to enjoy some of Fuzhou’s fantastic scenery with stunning forests and large waterfalls along with views over the mountain ranges. As an extra activity in this forest park, you can also enjoy a bit of entertainment while feeding the monkeys.

Mt Gu should be next on your list as it is a famous Buddhist site in the eastern suburbs of Fuzhou. There are around five hundred inscriptions that populate the cliff face which derived from literates of the Song Dynasty, a fantastic sight.

Take a break to enjoy some of Fuzhou’s cuisine before finding examples of the Hakka’s earth towers, a unique style of architecture used by the Hakka people to create the buildings in their villages.

As the sun goes down try to get to the Sanfeng Qixiang which is a group of residential buildings that date back to the Jin Dynasty that have been kept in great condition. These ancient buildings look brilliant in the evening when they are lit up by warm lighting.

After a day of history, come back to the present and seek out some of the many entertainment areas of Fuzhou. There is the Xin Jiazu Entertainment City in Taijiang Qu for a variety of fun or you can head to the Hongse Jingjie Disco Bar to have a drink and dance or for those ready to have a relaxing coffee after a long day there is also the Eiffel Coffee house.

One of the great things about Fuzhou is that it is known for its hot springs. Most Fuzhou hotels have their own hot springs meaning you won’t have to search far to find a relaxing way to spend the rest of your evening. Some places also offer massage facilities, however be wary that some are erotic massage and not your conventional massage.

A flight to Fuzhou will have you at the Fuzhou Changle International Airport which lies approximately an hour from town. If you organised your accommodation in advance it is likely they will provide you with a complimentary shuttle into the city saving you having to find your way in. There are plenty of hotels to choose from so all you’ll need to do is figure out what you are willing to spend. The Jiangbin Holiday Hotel is one of the more cheap places to stay and has recently been renovated. Mid range hotels worth checking out includes the Fuzhou Hotel and Jun Chun Yuan Hotel that are a step up from budget accommodation. And for those with money to burn or wish to splurge on a luxurious hotel, the Shangri La Hotel is where you’ll want to be with all the extra facilities such as a fantastic coffee bar and free internet.