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Guangdong Hainan, China – Guide to Guangdong Province Hainan Island

Guangdong and Hainan


Located on the southern coast of the People’s Republic of China, Guangdong sits amongst the most populous provinces in China with over 95 million residents. Guangdong has recently experienced great economic growth which is represented in its high gross domestic product, one of China’s highest. This growth is in part due to its trading links with its convenient neighbour Hong Kong.

Guangdong’s attractions are found mainly in its famous four mountains of Danxia, Xiqiau, Luofu and Boluo. These natural attractions have stunning scenery full with stone fortresses, pillars and bridges amongst beautiful forests. Travellers won’t be disappointed with the views and the rich diversity of these scenic spots.

For a touch of culture, visit the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family and the Sun Yat sen Memorial Hall. The Ancestral Temple is one of Guangdong’s major cultural sites created with traditional Chinese architecture in mind, following a symmetrical approach to the complex. Wonder within the temple to discover excellent carvings of various materials that represent achievements of art in the Chinese culture. Next, head to the Sun Yat sen Memorial Hall found on the slopes of the Yuexiu Hill. It was erected as a monument to the predecessor of Chinese democratic revolution, Dr. Sun Tat sen. Although built in the first half of the 1900’s, it looks surprisingly new because of its recent reconstruction. Within the Hall are displays of pictures and letters commemorating Sun Yat sen. You will notice his bronze statue standing to the front of the hall.

While these attractions are definitely worth your while, there is one that stands out from the rest. Window of the World is a replica park full of the world’s most wondrous sites. In one visit you can experience the best of the world’s historical heritages and its famous monuments. Be amazed by replicas of Paris’ Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, the magnificent Pyramids of Egypt, the Grand Canyon, the Roman Coliseum and even the canals of Venice! Can you believe it? These are just some of the Park’s wonders. This is one place not to miss, and even better, visit during festivals for added excitement and entertainment. The Park celebrates many of China’s festivals including the International Beer Festival, the Cherry Festival, Pop Music Festival and other seasonal festivals including New Year.

Guangdong’s climate is rather odd as its winters tend to be dry and mild while its summers are usually long and rather wet. So pick the season to visit carefully.


Hainan is a small land province with gorgeous landscapes, fresh air and beautiful beaches. Some say it is China’s answer to Hawaii. Hainan’s population has been enticed here due to its unparallel beauty and mild climate, the perfect ingredients for a relaxed lifestyle. For tourists, Hainan is a great place to sit in the sun and swim at the stunning beaches. There are national resorts, hot springs and volcanic gardens to entertain you once you have soaked in the sun and surf.