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Harbin Flights A Guide to Harbin Taiping International Airport Transport Options

Harbin Flights

Getting to and from Harbin is relatively easy if you are traveling domestically as many main China cities fly direct to Harbin. If you are looking to travel to and from an international destination to Harbin there are also international destinations that service Harbin’s airport also.

The airport itself is called the Harbin Taiping International Airport and is located just over 30km from the centre of the city. It is north eastern China’s second biggest airport with eighteen airlines currently operating from it to both domestic and international destinations.

If traveling from Beijing your travel time is likely to be around two hours, from Shanghai you are looking at approximately three hours and Hong Kong is about a four hour flight. Many foreign tourists however travel over for the famous International Ice and Snow Festival with international flights servicing specific cities in America, Russia, Korea and Japan.

Once you arrive at the Harbin Taiping International Airport you will need to arrange transport into the city. This trip can be done by taking the airport shuttle bus, by taxi or by private vehicle. If you want the cheapest option you may be able to get a free airport transfer in your accommodation bundle with specific hotels, if not, the airport shuttle is relatively cheap though only stops at one city stop which is Zhongshan Lu. The shuttle takes approximately an hour to reach the city while taxis take half the amount of time though are at least five times more expensive. You may also want to consider that if you are arriving in winter it can be difficult to find taxis in the snow. The other option is to rent a car or van which can often be picked up at the airport. This option is only advised if you are comfortable with driving on Chinese roads and in the changeable climate.

The busy tourist season is in winter so it pays to have your Harbin flights and transport booked well in advance so are not left waving your arms in the snow for a taxi like hundreds of others.

The best place to book your flights to Harbin is likely to be online however travel agents often have special deals especially for tour packages and accommodation. So do some research and make sure you are completely comfortable with your plans before you set your trip in concrete.