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Hebei Hotels A Guide to Hebei Accommodation; Cheap Hotels to the Luxurious

Hebei Hotels

There are four main cities within the Hebei Province; Shijiazhuang City, Tangshan City, Chengde City and Qinhuangdao City. Within these cities are several hotels you can choose from, so the first thing to do to organise your Hebei hotel is to decide where you are going to base yourself.

If you decide to base yourselves in Shijiazhuang, there are several hotel options. For a cheap Shijiazhuang hotel, try the Home Inn in the Xinhua District as it is a highly recommended hotel suggested by those who have been. However if you are willing to fork out a bit more for your Hebei accommodation, the Zhongmao Haiyue Hotel is a grand choice with luxuriously decorated rooms, exceedingly helpful staff and all round general high standards.

Tangshan City also has numerous hotels to choose from. If you are looking for the best place in town, the Jinjian International Hotel is the place to be. It has good service, and although not an extremely luxurious place, is one of the more comfortable amongst the Tangshan City hotels. Another option for those wanting a mid range hotel is the Changsheng International Hotel, a clean place with great service.

Many choose Chengde to begin their travels as it has some of Hebei’s greatest attractions. Unfortunately you definitely get what you pay for as the cheap Chengde hotels are typically ‘functionable’ with little else. For something with a little more style and comfort, the TianBao Holiday Hotel will set you up nicely. With modern furnishings and a touch of charm it is well worth spending a bit more to get away from the cheap shabbiness of many others.

Qinhuangdao City has the fortune of being close to the sea, therefore when staying here, a sea view is a must. Again, there are several hotels to choose from but for those on a budget, check out the Chen Long Hotel, for those seeking the view and comfort money can buy, the Holiday Inn Sea View is the best option.

So depending on where you want to base yourselves, there are plenty of options throughout Hebei. Just remember to book well in advance if you are planning on travelling withing the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival dates. Also make sure that before you book, you ask about any extra charges like taxes that could be added on to the final price.