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Hong Kong Shopping Your Hong Kong Shopping Guide to Malls Markets

Hong Kong Shopping

You can’t miss the opportunity for shopping in Hong Kong as one of the shopping capitals of China. From ritzy malls to funky side street markets, unique boutiques and traditional Chinese stores, Hong Kong dabs in every style to create an almost unparalleled shopping experience. It has developed a reputation for its copious beauty and fashion shops while also being a prime spot for electronics, jewellery and Chinese arts.

Choice is the key in this city with the three main shopping districts; Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories as well as the numerous street markets. Hong Kong Island has three main shopping stops including the Sogo Hong Kong Co LtdSogo Hong Kong Co Ltd which is a large department store housing some of the world’s biggest labels, the Peak Galleria where you can enjoy the fantastic views while you shop, then the CityPlaza which is where most tourists spend their time as the island’s biggest dining and shopping centre.

Kowloon is another Hong Kong shopping gem with an excellent combination of shopping, dining, entertainment and art. The first place to visit is Plaza HollywoodPlaza Hollywood where you can browse through more than 200 shops as well as entertain yourselves with the cinema after dining in one of the several restaurants. K11K11 is another to make sure you see as is a unique mall that combines art and shopping making for an interesting and enjoyable few hours. Lastly you cannot leave before you have seen the fantastic views from the Tsim Sha Tsui and Empire Centre which also does a good job at combining shopping, dining and a great lookout.

The third Hong Kong Shopping district is New Territories which converges both stylish department stores with outdoor markets.

Many locals and tourists flock to the street markets for great gifts, crafts, clothes and other goodies. The markets are always full of activity and colour where you can practice your bargaining skills. The best markets to check out include the Stanley MarketStanley Market which is great for finding gifts to take back home, the Ladies Market on Tung Choi Street, the Jade MarketJade Market and the Temple Street Night Market which is always bustling with people, fortune tellers and where you are likely to find a great seafood snack.

These markets provide the essence of Hong Kong’s culture and where you no doubt will find some treasures of your own.

While shopping in Hong Kong can be very enjoyable, it is worth briefly mentioning the dangers by way of handy tips. The first shopping tip is to make sure the stores you enter obtain a QTS sign which signifies the store’s quality. Stores that have this sign have passed strict assessments on pricing displays, correct product information and their customer service. Be sure to compare prices with other shops to make sure you won’t be ripped off while you can use your bargaining skills at the markets. Keep clear of fake goods which include pirated dvds as customs in Hong Kong are the enforcers and you don’t want any hassle when leaving. It is also advised that you keep your credit card receipts with you while also double checking the price before going ahead with the transaction.

All these are just safeguards to help you have a safe and enjoyable experience while shopping in Hong Kong.