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Hong Kong Climate – The Hong Kong Climate for Travel

Hong Kong Climate

Hong Kong lies to the south of the Tropic of Cancer and therefore experiences a humid and subtropical climate. It does however have four quite distinct seasons with everything from heat to thunderstorms, clouds to possible cyclones. When travelling to Hong Kong it is best to take into consideration the time of year as this will likely dictate what you are able to do due to the Hong Kong climate..

January – February

Generally cloudy and a slightly cooler time of year with occasional winds

March – April

During these months, Hong Kong’s climate can be particularly pleasant with the sun seeping through, though humidity and fog can be a nuisance.

May – June – July – August – September

Expect warm climate with some cloudy days and showers.

October – December

Some slight breezes will slip through but mostly sunny and warm temperatures.

Note: Beware that from July to September there is more chance of tropical cyclones.