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Huangshan Mountain – Tour Guide for the Yellow Mountains

Huangshan Mountain Range

The Huangshan Mountain range is found in the east China province of Anhui. As the old saying goes, there is “no need to see any other mountains after Huangshan”, for its beauty has inspired artists for thousands of years.

Often called the Yellow Mountains, this UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage site is one of China’s best, and certainly one of the most spectacular. With intriguing rock formations, trees growing from the rock crevices and stunning waterfalls, all in the midst of a sea of mist, Mt Huangshan is a favourite tourist destination.

The summit looks out onto neighbouring peaks creating a breathless scene that you would expect to see in the movies. With the ever changing scenery the mountain becomes a completely different place in the different seasons, making it an attractive destination year round.

Many come to trek the paths that wind itself around the range with the chance to admire the spectacular views. Most visitors choose to walk their way to the top and endure the somewhat strenuous paths to reach the summit. Those less willing to expend their fitness can take the cable car for a unique birds eye perspective flying over the mountain.

Those keen to go by foot can choose one of two trails, the eastern or western steps. For those that are maybe not so confident in their fitness, the eastern steps are an easier route, however the western steps are known to be a more scenic route, though more rugged.

While trekking up, be sure to look out for the many inscribed rocks which will tell you the names of the rock formations, personified into the creature they resemble, many of which date back centuries. Do note that carving your own inscription is strictly prohibited as the area is a protected site and should be treated that way.

When planning your trip up the Huangshan Mountain range, it is important that you take into account the sometimes erratic climate conditions. Expect rain in the spring and summer months and pack warm clothes for the drastic temperature changes that occur without warning.

So it is advisable to be well prepared for your trip and you will be incredibly satisfied with the peak destination, being a most beautiful lookout.