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Jiangsu Anhui China Holiday Guide

Jiangsu and Anhui

Located just to the north of Shanghai are the Jiangsu and Anhui provinces, both rural areas. Jiangsu is a largely populated province that has some of China’s most fertile land. Anhui is strewn with paddy fields while large mountain ranges dominate the landscape south of the Yangzi River.

Within these provinces lie Suzhou, Yangzhou and Nanjing, all places worth visiting. Other attractions include the Grand Canal and the Huangshan Mountains.


Once the People’s Republic of China was formed in 1949 the province of Anhui was split into two regions but soon after they were merged back together. Anhui today has a population of over 60 million and is a major agricultural area. While the northern area is part of the North China Plain and therefore very flat, the further south you travel the more mountainous it becomes.


With a long coastline following the Yellow Sea, Jiangsu has been a prime spot of development. The population is in excess of 70 million with an unfortunate divide between the rich and poor.