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Jinzhou, China – Guide to Jinzhou City Attractions


Jinzhou is found in Northeast China, an industrial city harbouring the Liaoning Gulf. With a population of just over three million, it is far from being considered large, and is not usually high on foreigner’s places to visit. Unless you are a dinosaur hobbyist, Jinzhou doesn’t have much to offer visitors. However if you do decide to take your travels here, there are a few sights you should make the time to see.

Yiwulu Mountain is a sacred mountain of Northeast China and home to several other tourist attractions. The mountain is best visited in the warmer months where you can also visit its other tourist spots including the Wanghai and Beizhen Temple, the Shenshui Bridge and the Lotus Stone.

If the Liao style of architecture gets your attention, wonder over to Guta Park. Here you will find the octagonal Guangji Pagoda towering over 70m high.

Jinzhou’s main attraction is the Wenya Museum which houses more than 300 fossils dating back to the Jurassic period. With several dinosaur fossils on display, it can be an intriguing experience.

With these attractions in mind, the best time to visit Jinzhou is in January to February unless you are interested in seeing the snowscape between April and October.

Jinzhou’s airport is a mere 7km from the city centre where most prefer to bike or walk to get around.

You will likely not need to spend too much time in Jinzhou to see all it has to offer so many choose to head up from Beijing just for a day or two before heading on.