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Kaifeng, China – Guide to Markets, Temples Attractions of Kaifeng


Kaifeng has the delight of several attractio ns such as the Iron Pagoda and Millennium City Park, but has the misfortune of being on the bank of the Yellow River.

One of the main landmarks in Kaifeng is the Yellow River that weaves through the city. While it is a great attraction, it is also one of the cities biggest nightmares.

Susceptible to flood waters, Kaifeng has been repeatedly flooded resulting in serious loss of life. Each time the city has been flooded they have rebuilt the town up to make it the attractive city it is today. Brilliant Chinese architecture is reflected in the many temples and pagodas around the city. The modernised Kaifeng is mostly found (mind the contradiction) in the Old City.

Amongst the traditional architecture you will find some lively markets. Try the Shidun Street Market, Daxiangguo Temple Market and Sihou Street for some Kaifeng shopping.

Kaifeng’s main attractions include the Shanshan Gan Guild Hall, once used for housing, which is now open to the public to admire its drum and bell tower. One of Kaifeng’s most famous landmarks is the thirteen story high Iron Pagoda. It’s clothed in brown glazed tiles which gave inspiration to its name with its almost metallic lustre. Visitors can venture inside the Pagoda and climb to the top for great views over the city.

Other attractions include the Dragon Pavilion, Millennium City Park and Xiangguo Temple.

September and October are the prime visiting months with warm climate and minimal rain while also being the time of the city’s Chrysanthemum Fair. The Fair usually starts at the end of October and lasts a month with chrysanthemums lining the streets.