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Luomen Guide to Getting to Luomen its Attractions


Luomen is found in the Gansu Province in the People’s Republic of China. Although it isn’t even close to being a popular tourist destination, there is still the Water Curtain Grottoes to keep you entertained if you do stop by. Luomen is a very rural town though constantly on the go.

The few tourists that do end up here usually do so to see the Water Curtain Grottoes. These Grottoes are found a mere ten minutes drive from the town centre so travellers can even hike to the attraction while others will find it easy to get local transportation to take them the short distance. Excavation of the Water Curtain Grottoes started early in the Jin Dynasty then continued through out several dynasties that followed. The star attraction is the massive Buddha picture that has been meticulously painted onto a huge cliff, some 31m in height.

Luomen is a stop on the railway track that runs through the Gansu Province so is accessible by train. If you would rather fly, you will need to fly into Lanzhou airport which is the closest airport to Luomen. Flights from Beijing usually take approximately one and a half hours. Once you arrive in Lanzhou you can take a bus that can last anywhere between six and twelve hours dependant on the route.

Overall there isn’t much to do in Luomen apart from the Water Curtain Grottoes hence the reason most do not stay long. Another reason people don’t generally stay here is likely got something to do with the lack of accommodation available also with even fewer places to eat.

So while you might like to take a day trip to see the Grottoes, you may want to promptly find your transport elsewhere.