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Lushan District, Jiangxi – Guide to the Mountainous City Hotels

Lushan District

Lushan, or Lu Shan, is a young city only established when European colonialists felt the need for a cool hill resort. As summers can get unbearably hot, Lushan was built as a holiday getaway set amongst inspiring misty peaks in south Jiujiang within the Jiangxi province.

While it is a mountainous area with a rugged landscape, Lushan’s naturist surrounds delight travellers. With temples adding to the charm, it was just a matter of time before it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As soon as you get into Lushan make sure you purchase a map at the Guling Jie bookshop to guide you on your journey around the old buildings, waterfalls and mountain peaks. Amongst your excursions, be sure to wonder along Dalin Jie past Ruting Lake and through the beautiful botanical gardens. Also make sure Dragon Head Cliff is on your list, situated just west of the township, it is a wonderful rock platform overhanging a cliff and subsequent deep gorge.

If you are looking to tour off the normal tourist tracks, Lushan is a good place to start. While the attractions are scarce, you will enjoy the landscape and hiking opportunities. One thing you should definitely do is go and see “Romance of Lushan Mountain” at the local theatre then you will be able to boast to your friends and family back home that you were a part of a world record. This film has been shown non stop since 1980 with more than 140million tickets sold.

One of the great things about Lushan is that no matter what direction you take, walk for a short while and you are almost certain to find one of the two hundred historical sites that are scattered about the mountains. If you’d rather stay in one place to experience some of the historical nature of the city, head to the Lu Shan Museum which contains Mao photographs and other communist memorabilia.

If you are planning to stay overnight here, there are some very reasonably priced hotels. The Lushan Taiji Hotel by Lulin Lake is a great budget stay while the Holiday Inn Lu Shan in south Lushan and Lushan Guomai Hotel on Houhu Hill are your mid range hotels.