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North China Travel

When travelling through North China you get a blend of tradition and modern opulence. With the buzz of Metropolitan Beijing and the ancient cities of the North China Plain, you get a great combination of environments and culture to truly experience the best that China has to offer.

North China encompasses six provinces, the most well known being Beijing, then the regions of Hebei, Tianjin, Sanxi, Shandong and Henan. The area attracts many tourists to its wide variety of attractions and sights from the Forbidden City to the Terracotta Warriors. The ancient palaces and temples are balanced out by the more modern age of shopping centres and streets.

Getting around North China is not a tricky feat with many transport services offering good methods of transportation with rail, bus and air. Considering there is over 10milllion people in Beijing alone, these transport systems have to be up to scratch. The only thing you have to deal with is the crowds!

Most of these crowds are made up of Han Chinese people while other minority ethnic groups include Mongol Hui and the Manchu.

The climate in North China can be variable and can also get quite cold in the winter months so make sure you pack warmly if you decide to travel during the cooler season. However most wait until summer kicks in, though it can be a lot busier with the national holidays spurring a lot of domestic travel by the locals.

Beijing offers a lot in the way of tourist attractions and is full of the contrasts of traditional and modern China, a well known international city, very popular with foreigners. Hebe is the province that completely surrounds Beijing and Tianjin, Tianjin being the site of the kite flying festival. While Shandong, Henna and Shanxi fill in the rest of the North China Plain.

While you are exploring these regions be sure not to miss out on the Huangyaguan Great Wall, the Kabei Buddhist monastery, the famous Terracotta Warriors, the numerous Buddhist carvings and the Old City.