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Qingdao, China – Guide to Qingdao Beaches, Attractions Climate


With its past German jurisdiction, Qingdao seems like it is part of a completely different world than the usual dull industrial towns of China. Its location on the Shandong Peninsula gives it a charming seascape while its proximity to the Yellow Sea and therefore Korea and Japan makes it a hub of international trade. With parks, beaches, festivals and magnificent architecture, Qingdao provides tourists with many attractions.

After coming under German jurisdiction in 1897, Qingdao managed to gain many features reminiscent of Germany such as cobbled roads, distinctive stonework and red roofs. These features have remained a distinguishing characteristic of the city even after its return to Chinese jurisdiction in 1922.

Included in the German influence was the creation of Tsingtao Brewery, now the largest brewery in China. This beer production has created its own buzz with the Qingdao International Beer Festival now a highlight of the city’s calendar in August each year lasting for 16 days. For those that miss the opportunity to be around during the festival, the Qingdao Beer Museum is open year round. The museum showcases the local beer to tourists and is the first of its type in China.

Apart from its famed beer production, the sea that surrounds Qingdao on three sides provides tourists with spectacular beach seascapes. One of Qingdao’s most famous beaches is at Huiquan Bay where clear water, rolling waves and soft sand will greet you. The beach has been developed continuously over the years and is now well equipped with lifesaving equipment as well as shore side restaurants and cafes.

For a cultural immersion, head toward Taiqing Palace, a sacred Taoist Palace located on the southern slopes of Mt Laoshan. The Taiqing has particular importance amongst the other buildings on the mountain as it is not only the largest building it also has one of the longest histories. It was built in 140BC in a unique architectural style reminiscent of the Song Dynasty.

Then for something completely different head to Underwater World which features an underwater tunnel, inter tidal zones and exhibition areas full of wonderful creatures. Starfish, turtles, octopus and small sharks are just some of the interesting water creatures you can view here. In addition to the fishy attractions, Underwater World also puts on performances to keep you entertained.

While these are the major attractions, it is recommended you take to wondering the city at leisure to really take in all this seaside province has to offer.

Qingdao climate is moderate with cool and windy winters and warm and humid summers, temperatures not likely to exceed 30°C.

Getting into Qingdao can be done through the Qingdao Liuting International Airport.