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Shaanxi, China – Guide to the Shaanxi Province Attractions

Shaanxi Holiday Guide

Thought to be one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, Shaanxi is a province landlocked in North China. With copious tombs, imperial palaces, temples and monasteries scattered across the Shaanxi province, it is a great place to experience Chinese culture and history.

There is so much to see in Shaanxi you will want to leave a good few days to spend exploring. Head first to the capital Xi’an, one of China’s ancient capitals, and start with the famous Terracotta Warriors. Discovered to date back to 210BC, these figures continue to be a major tourist attraction as they have been excavated to reveal their former glory.

After admiring the terracotta figurines head to Xi’an’s Forest of Stone Tablets. Found on Sanxue Street in the capital, you can walk through the rich collection of calligraphy endowed stone tablets that was put together in 1087. With thousands of Chinese characters inscribed on the stone tablets and an extensive historical record library, the collection is a fascinating museum for both Chinese and foreigners.

Head into the southern suburbs of Xian City and you will find the Shaanxi Museum of History to continue your historical journey. The museum contains over 300,000 cultural relics and pieces of art, coins and pottery with its several exhibitions.

The last stop in the capital has to be the City Wall. It is an ancient wall built in the Han Dynasty, the most well preserved and largest in China. Surviving throughout the years, the City Wall is one of the world’s largest ancient military defence systems. It was built on the advice of none other than a hermit named Zhu Sheng who told the Emperor to fortify the city with high walls that to this day stand 12m high. The wall is over 13km in length which wraps around the city along with a deep moat to its exterior. With 18 gates along the wall, visitors have several opportunities to climb the wall.

Another Shaanxi attraction is the natural wonder of the Hukou Waterfall. It is the second largest waterfall in China situated on the Yellow River. Depending on the season and rainfall, the waterfall usually spans a width of 30m then increases to 50m when the floods come. With a drop of over 20m, it is a truly spectacular sight. Named one of the best scenic spots in the country and pictured on the 50RMB note, the Hukou Waterfall is a must on your Shaanxi itinerary.

Lastly the Mausoleum of Huang Di should be visited before you leave the province. It is an important ancient memorial on Mt Qiao. It is the grave of Huangdi, believed to have had a major influence in the initiation of Chinese civilization. Thought to have lived for an astonishing 118years, Huangdi’s tomb can be viewed when you reach the peak of the mountain located beyond a stone stele decorated with characters.

With so many attractions, Shaanxi is a sure must while on your China tour. From historical to natural sites there is something for all travellers.